The world of private aviation is accessible to only a small part of the world’s population. In addition, this very closed circle communicates little information about its luxurious universe, which is very fascinating for many people. Thus, the founders of M&R associates design, with many years of expertise, reveal some of the secrets of private aviation.

Confidentiality is omnipresent

In the case of larger private aircraft, owners are required to have their own cabin crew. Many of these employees work only in private aviation because they know how it works. They must be highly professional and discreet with all the clients for whom they work. Indeed, for many employees in this highly nested sector, professional secrecy is essential. Whether at boarding, during the flight or even once at the arrival, aviation professionals are there to reassure and support customers. Pilots, stewards, florists, caterers or even drivers, they all attach essential importance to professional secrecy.

An impressive number of private aircraft worldwide

Even if we think that private aviation is only for a very wealthy elite, if we look more closely at the figures, we quickly realize that many people actually own or rent a private aircraft. The country that beats all records is the United States, with more than 14,000 private aircraft. Next comes Latin America with about 2,650 private aircraft. Then, Europe is in third place in the ranking with more than 2,900 private jets, followed by Asia and the Middle East, the African continent being last in the ranking with 500 jets. Moreover, since the beginning of the 2010’s, we have noticed that the demand for private aviation is constantly increasing. These figures are therefore expected to increase further over the coming years. Demand is increasing mainly due to a growing number of large companies requesting this type of service for their top managers.

A high degree of personalization

Every aircraft owner wants his aircraft to be in line with his image and tastes. Thus, for many of them, they call upon professionals in the decoration and interior and exterior design of aircraft, such as M&R associates design. The latter are able to imagine a luxurious cabin, with many functionalities, such as an office, a bedroom, a bathroom… etc. For the lucky owners of private aircraft, the usefulness of having a plane at their disposal is not enough to satisfy their needs, which is why the customization of the aircraft is an essential aspect, sometimes going as far as very high request such as a sauna shower or treadmill. But in most private aircraft, comfort also depends on a customized lighting system. Indeed, the lights are adapted to each stage of the flight in order to accompany the travellers with different lighting scenarios. In addition, many aircraft have an advanced audio and video system to provide additional comfort for travellers.