It is estimated that more than one million passengers use the service of a private jet each year across the European continent. There has been an increase in this service of about 5 % per year since the early 2010s. Even if the private aviation aircraft is often perceived as the symbol of the privileged persons, business aviation continues to thrive. Simply because it is a strategic instrument for companies and businessmen in order to travel easily and more comfortably. Answer to this question with the aircraft design company, M&R associates design.

Surprising time and money savings

It should be noted that private aviation has many advantages for people who have to travel all around the world on a regular basis. Contrary to popular belief, private aviation is not much more expensive for a company to transport its businessmen and businesswomen. First of all, it is estimated that private air travel saves about two hours of time per flight. But this does not stop there, it turns out that private aircraft can save you money on journeys if they are sufficiently used. For example, companies, businessmen and businesswomen will generally operate several flights on the same day. Overall, costs are reduced and the aircraft is profitable.

These time and cost savings can be explained in particular by the presence of nearly 4,000 aerodromes in Europe, whereas there are only 350 commercial airports in this region of the world. Especially since customs and security formalities are faster, as they are set up for the chartering of one or two aircraft, and these airports never suffer from excessive air traffic. Time is also reduced on arrival. Thus, the time and cost savings are mainly related to multi-stop routes.

Private aircraft more adapted to users’ needs

When travelling on a commercial flight for business, the journey is often long and exhausting. Indeed, between waiting times at the airport, possible stopovers and the vagaries of travel, this does not make it possible to arrive rested and ready to work. Thus, private aircraft offer a much higher level of comfort. Indeed, many private aircraft have sufficient comfort to be able to work during the journey and even rest and sleep properly.

A considerable advantage of private aviation is that the interior of the aircraft can be adapted to the needs of these users, unlike commercial flights, where working during the flight can be very uncomfortable and constraining. Thus, there are several companies specializing in the interior design of private aircraft. This is particularly the case for M&R Associates, which offers to its customers a customization of the aircraft according to their tastes and needs. It is then quite possible to install a work area, an office, a meeting room, as well as private areas such as a master suite, private lounge …

Many solutions are developed by the aircraft manufacturers, completions centers and design agencies such as M&R associates design, to meet the demands of owners to improve the time, the comfort and efficiency in private aviation. And that’s why more and more people are using this type of service.