Until now, jets owners didn’t have much options in terms of personalizing and outfitting their jets. Luckily, today, the aircraft industry has been developing and offering now a huge range of choices. Not to mention that completions projects companies are putting more efforts to meet the customers’ tastes. In what follows, we will reveal what a jet owner needs to know before starting a completion project.

3 things every jet owner needs to know

Currently, the aircraft industry possesses the latest innovatives technologies which helps the companies to get more opportunities by offering a wide variety of services. Thanks to these new technologies, jet owners are now more open to update and renew their old aircraft.

On the other side, completion companies put all their efforts to improve their capacities and help their clients through the whole process. For example, many companies, such as M&R associates design, offer facilities, so that the clients can have a clear idea about how their aircraft would look like, starting from their websites by showing all the company’s detailed activities in order to reassure the customers about the finished product they want. Better still, some companies offer samples too, such as:  fabrics, leathers, woods, carpeting, colors, cabinetry, etc. so that the jet owners can see and feel how their business Jet will look like after the completion.

Here are the most important steps every jet owner needs to take before starting a completion project:

  1. Have a clear idea about how you’d like to fly: For a start and as a jet owner, you need to consider your travelling habits and lifestyle. After all, your aircraft interior design reflects your personality and taste, that goes by defining the time you would want to spend on the aircraft, the number of people onboard, and most importantly, the touches that will bring more joy and comfort to your trip. To help you get a clear idea about what you want to do with your aircraft, we suggest that you take a look at M&R associates design design’s website, it will help you while taking a decision.
  2. Schedule enough time: For a successful completion, you need to schedule enough time, preferably six to 18 months in advance. Many jet owners don’t seem to understand the reason why completions request this much time over planning. But, if you’re willing to spend an important amount of money over such a project, wouldn’t be better if your spend enough time on it too?
  3. Choose a reliable completion company: nowadays, many companies offer completions services, however not all of them are capable to match the customers’ needs in terms of creativity and design. Some clients are just too difficult to get their needs matched, while some others don’t even know what do they exactly want to do with their jets, and let the company decide for them. So you need to be careful! For example, if you notice that the so-called company doesn’t have experience in something but still tells you: “we never had done that before, but we can do it for you”; then, it would be much better if you step back and turn to a reliable and reputable company, such as M&R associates design.

This company has an experience of over 20 years, in design of  interior and exterior of business jets, with worldwide references, having completed projects on basically every type of business jets and being one of the only design company referenced by both Airbus and Boeing.