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Project 1 : Gulfstream G650

M&R associates design recently delivered a brand new Gulfstream G650. We have designed all interior and exterior of the aircraft, working closely with GULFSTREAM in order to fully customise the cabin interior to perfectly match all customer’s expectations with our...

The aircraft design: a booming industry

With roots dating back over 20 years, M&R Associates Design design was founded by two, high-skilled men, with more than 15 years of experience in aircraft design. Later, a third associate joined them by bringing his experience of nearly 25 years in the business aviation and helicopter industry. The how-know and the experience of those three ambitious men and their complementary backgrounds have allowed the company to expand internationally and become part of the key players in this sector, not only in Europe, but with customers worldwide (Europe, Middle East, Asia…). Today M&R Associates Design is considered as one of the major aeronautic companies that specializes in the design of interiors and exteriors for business aircraft, loose equipment design and manufacturing and full completions of projects untill final delivery for wither brand new or pre-Owner aircraft. In what follows, we will highlight the main activities of this company.

An overview of the aeronautics sector

Thanks to science and art working hand in hand, the aeronautic sector is now able to bring new innovative creations in the sky. Today this sector is considered as the driving force behind the national industry. It offers significant employment opportunities since each aircraft requires the how-know of dozens of different professionals, from its design to its construction to commercial operations. Not to mention that the sector employs nearly 190,000 people annually, exploiting those important skills and qualifications. As for the French companies in the aeronautic and space industry, they recruit nearly 8,000 high-skilled people each year in order to compensate for retirements and to stay up-to-date with the most recent technologies. So, we can say that this sector offers great opportunities for high-skilled labour.

“Raising your project to Excellence” M&R Associates Design Philosophy

Since its foundation, M&R Associates Design has been using its guiding values to design unique vehicles, by employing innovative and high quality services and products.

Over the past years, generations of high-skilled M&R Associates Design professionals helped shaping the world and the future of one of largest aerospace industry.

The M&R Associates Design philosophy is an expression of its values and principals. Its main goals are to protect, connect, inspire and explore the world through aeronautic innovation.

The focus of all its employees is to fulfill every customer’s desires, by creating innovative projects and refining details to reflect his personality and the lifestyle.

The comfort and the well-being of the passengers are M&R Associates Design’ main purpose.

Also, making each project unique and finding the exclusive materials selection to concretize the customers’ needs are the company’s strength.

The company’s activities

M&R Associates Design offers several services, always with the aim of designing customizing and aircraft (new or pre-owned). Among its activities, those are the main ones :

The aircraft design; the loose equipment design and project management.

The aircraft design is a challenging industry. It requires dozens of different activities, and those activities can be mainly gathered into two types of aircraft design, which are the interior and the exterior.

The aircraft interior design

It can be defined as the perfect combination of art and science. In general, the aircraft design goes through three stages: conceptual, preliminary and detail design. Currently, it is going through a boom or what we can call a Golden Era. The industry has also became smarter and more sophisticated in terms of creating more space and comfort for the passengers, and a restful and solid space, in order to isolate the passengers from the fact they are not on ground but actually inside a plane flying at high altitudes and at very high speed.

This may sound dubious to certain people, but this is a huge concern to the passengers who are looking for more comfort during their trips. But thanks to the high technological level of the current aircraft industry that is obtained through the great efforts of the sector’s actors, today’s passengers are able to travel during long periods in more ease, without feeling any discomfort or suffering from the lack of humidity and effects of pressure.

M&R Associates Design puts more efforts to increase their customer’s satisfaction through creating more personalized and luxurious aircraft spaces, more modern design concepts in order to give jets a sleek finish and make them look like one could live there permanently.

Whether the customer needs : personalized chairs, desks, bedrooms, dining rooms, entertainment areas, or even a bar; the objective of M&R Associates Design is always to make an aircraft that matches the client’s desires and life styles so that they can do there all the activities they would do on ground.

The aircraft exterior

The current trends of aircraft exterior has changed a lot compared to the past years. Nowadays, aircrafts and private jets are making new fashion styles of their own. The challenge today is to offer something less ordinary, where art and creativity merges with functionality.

As companies and private airplanes owners invest more in the external appearance, the aircraft exterior designs industry is going now on a new level because it’s not only about logos or colors, but the exterior design also reflects the customer’s identity. Once the plane goes into the sky, its exterior design serves as visual ambassadors to its user.

Just like interiors, M&R Associates Design treats exteriors with much care like a jewel that need to be polished, because there’s no second chance for a first impression as we all know. That’s why people who want to create a good first impression pay more attention to their aircraft exterior.

Despite the complex nature of aircraft, M&R Associates Design finds always creative solutions to merge innovation with technologies, because as they say: “only the sky is the limit”.

So in order to fulfill every customer’s needs, M&R Associates Design team looks into every step of the process, in order to find the perfect technical and artistic solutions, from the initial drawings to delivery, with meticulous attention to details.

The loose equipment design

Besides devoting great focus and attention to enhance the cabin experience for customers, M&R Associates Design takes into account all things that affect the passenger’s comfort and that can make the cabin experience more significantly and pleasant.

M&R Associates Design, specializes in design of exceptional luxury aircraft loose equipment for a selected clientele. Its design studio has an international reputation for delivering beautiful and sophisticated accessories for those aircraft surroundings.

The company combines technology, creation, knowledge and experience in order to design an aircraft cabin with the vision of our customers that are seeking to make their aircraft a distinctive from the inside and the outside.

Aircraft Completion Management

The aircraft completion management requires a deep understanding of the complex universe of aircraft industry, both technical and design expertise, and most importantly the regulations that govern the aircraft operations so that you can create a personalized and unique aircraft interior. And through years of dealing with aircraft’s buyer, M&R Associates Design have managed the completion of basically all types of business jets aircraft. The company’s experience of project management includes both refurbishing aircraft and new completions, plus a full range of VIP services.

M&R Associates Design design assists its customers who have purchased a new aircraft and help them through the whole completion process, by managing each detail from design to manufacturing to final acceptance. The company also helps their clients to determine the suitable materials that will be used in the interior.

The completion of projects are complex processes that require a lot of experience and knowledge, it starts with developing the concept that customer wants his aircraft to look like both from the inside and outside. Therefore, this process offers to customers the opportunity for complete customization.

With an overall experience of 20 years in the aircraft industry, M&R Associates Design design will provide all the attention needed to every single details, that no other aircraft completions projects company can offer. Not to mention the highly performing customer service of M&R Associates Design has, simply because the company believes that the customer service is one of critical importance to its business and considers it as the main key to retaining clients. Satisfied consumers feel understood and tend to be more happy and that makes the working team feel more proud about its job.

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